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Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, excitable guy. ryan certainly more passionate and probably much more articulate when it comes to litigating the specifics of medicare and complex budget issues. you will this interesting ebb, mike this morning nailed it in playbook. this morning listen for watch of signs a lot of comeback stories. before you had this debate performance you had this video that weigh talked about. it was leaked out. it was five years old. but there is a lot of stuff in there that the obama campaign would rather not deal with. there's a couple of polls. one in virginia. one in florida, that showed those states tighting. >> republicans say there is one coming from ohio, republican inturnnal polls. they were sick about ohio. they're feeling better about it. >> any of this controversy over libya which was not brought up for whatever reason in the debate tonight. but obama, president obama has been under fire for their shifting explanation of why an ambassador was killed and what the root cause of that was. they initially said it had to do with silly videotape making fun of muslims. in fact it turns out
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
job while the ryan budget cut the pell grant in the amount the she can get and you vote against cutting the interest for those loans. where is the interest and to paraphrase springsteen, yes, small businesses my employee and the people at work and their husbands and wives, these people are suffering. i see them all the time, what is happening in this country since 1980 is that the top 1% of our population that controls the 7% of the wealth we now have 1% of the population and this is not class warfare, this is fact. it controls 2425% of the well. there is something wrong with that disparity. all the economy see it, and that means that yes, we do need to have tax reform and we have to distribute it fairly. the people that make the most have to pay their fair share to be blessed to live in this wonderful land we live in. that's the way that i look at it. [applause] >> moderator: okay, mr. cantor, one minute. cantor: what is unfair is that so many people are out of work. i don't think that's what most americans believe. what most americans believe is that we all ought to have a fai
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
romney/ryan budget and their guaranteed goes into effect. we heard from experts but also individuals who told us individual stories and what it would mean to them. it is not just about seniors but their families. and it is removing what we heard about the statistics. the choice republicans advocate is the choice for the insurance companies to choose to cover or not progress seniors blues there choice of doctors and providers. privatizing medicare gives profit to the private sector at the expense of our seniors. our colleagues will touch on aspects of that. i am proud of the overflowed turnout at that hearing today. to send a clear message. the election is five weeks from today. medicare is on the ballot it -- ballot. it is in jeopardy. we have a responsibility to protect. know i will yield to mr. steny hoyer. >> we met today as has been the case. the speaker of the republican party walked away when we ask for unanimous consent to proceed on business. the to do list is a long one. we walked away from job creation. the president offered a bill and mr. cantor has walked away. middle-cla
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. he embraces the ryan budget. which is the ryan budget do? it ends medicare. makes it a vowture. privatize the social security, dray matily cuts assistance to education in our country. as someone who grew up poor in a tenement. i want pell grants and perkins loans out there and keeping student interest rates loan. so every child can achieve a education and the ability to work hard. >> moderator: senator? we have a joe budget. that i will work on and advocate for and comprise along the way with that sacrifice principle with my colleagues. and with executive branch. bob, there you go. you talk about congressman ryan, it's more of the same. it it's always the other guy's fault. you have been there a long time. your party has been in the majority in the senate now for a long time. i think your entire term. and so i have some very specific plans. we have discipline here in new jersey. it's not always pretty. but when we deal our state budget, we do what we need to do. we don't get to print money and so we work hard and have at los in the last few years to make things right. we spend
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4